Dr Simon Cook

Dr Simon Cook is a multi-disciplinary research academic and Fulbright Future Scholar who works across major strengths at Swinburne University of Technology in bio-engineering, user-led co-design and the health sciences. Since 2014, Simon has raised over $4M in funding for Project Geldom (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges funded Next Generation Condom) and, building on this successful multidisciplinary strategy for collaboration, he has been successful in securing over $1M in funding for associated projects from the Medical Research Future Fund, Australian Centre for Hepatitis and HIV Research and the Victorian Medical Research Acceleration Fund to create medical devices to protect against STI/HIV transmission and promote sexual health and wellness. Simon is also co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Eudaemon Technologies, which is focused on bringing innovative next generation medical devices utilising novel material science, user-driven design, and advanced manufacturing to market, starting with the next-gen hydrogel condom.

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