Rebecca Ailis Nally

Rebecca Ailís Nally (Bec/she/her) is an Associate Lecturer and Industry Fellow in the Communication Design program at RMIT University on the unceded lands of eastern Kulin in Naarm/Melbourne and in Singapore. Bec is also the Creative Director and Owner of a Communication Design practice called Public Journal in Yálla-birr-ang /Collingwood.

Bec was born and grew up in lutruwita/Trouwanna/Tasmania and knew her home as ‘Tassie’. She is in the process of self-determining the quietly resilient stories of her maternal ‘Tasmanian’ ancestry and connection to the unceded lands of Tyerrernotepanner and the Oyster Bay Nation of Paredareme. Bec is an Irish citizen through her paternal bloodline but has not yet been to Ireland.

Bec approaches the disciplines of design and education with the intention of respectfully responding to Womin Djeka and the First Peoples of the Birrarung-ga (country of the river) where she works and lives.

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