Lee Hornsby

Keynote Speaker / Presenter

Lee Hornsby, Senior Development & Partnerships Manager, Talent & Skills Creative Industries Federation

Lee connects and liaises with the Creative Industries Federation’s diverse Higher Education and Further Education members to ensure ongoing collaboration and engagement with the work the organisation do across the sector, creative careers, and education. He also works closely with the organisation’s policy team where it comes to advocacy and thought leadership.

Prior to joining the Federation, Lee has worked in leadership and communication roles in the charity, HE and arts sectors, with a particular focus on young people. He also has a degree in Television Production and has worked in the industry as a runner, researcher, and editor.
A UK North East-native relocated to Manchester, he has a passion for song writing, music production and doing his very best to support Newcastle United Football Club!

Creative Industries Federation are the membership body that represents, champions and supports the UK’s creative industries.

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